raise your hand if you’ve got the sweetest followers and you appreciate each and every one

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i need to stop thinking people actually care because they really dont and it sucks.

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I will:

  • kiss you
  • pack your lunch
  • make the bed
  • kiss you when you’re mad or sad
  • catch spiders
  • get the mail
  • hug you all the time
  • kiss your boo boos
  • make you food
  • snuggle with you
  • support you and your dreams
  • listen to you talk about your problems
  • kiss you some more
  • hold your hand in public
  • play with your hair to soothe you
  • kiss your forehead
  • and your cheeks
  • and your eyes
  • and your nose
  • and your mouth
  • laugh at your jokes
  • no matter how bad
  • massage your back
  • and love you
  • forever
  • and ever

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Thinking about erasing my tumblr. Should I keep it ?

Re-memorable Moments

Go follow my new blog c: its so much better than this one and I post constantly 👌 i post quotes, cameras, galaxy, animals, summer time, couples, etc. I will follow back similar blogs 😬👌 I’m erasing this tumblr at 9pm tonight. Right now it is 12:18pm. Go follow my new blog people ^.^



NEW BLOG GO FOLLOW ME PLEASE :D I’ll follow back similar blogs (quotes, animals, city, galaxies, etc)

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